The number of counterfeit components entering the supply chain has increased in recent years. Foxtrot Industrial takes every step to ensure that our customers receive approved, authentic components directly from the original manufacturers or their approved distributors. We may rest assured that we have implemented comprehensive product traceability and anti-counterfeit system, to ensure the delivery of 100% authentic parts and components.

Purchasing from Foxtrot Industrial means:

  • Products were obtained directly from the manufacturers or through their approved distribution methods.
  • Quality requirements were followed when handling and storing the products.
  • Access to manufacturer’s technical information, as well as our technical support team on your side.


Our environmental policy at Foxtrot Industrial encompasses all applicable environmental laws and regulations around the world. We also collaborate closely with our suppliers to ensure that our consumers receive products that comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Foxtrot Industrial strives to properly identify the environmental issues of the products we carry as a distributor. We are committed to providing our customers with documentation from our manufacturers with traceable and accurate information for each product. Furthermore, stringent inventory control and cautious return procedures will prevent the mixing of products with distinct environmental features.