CRI300A diesel fuel common rail injector coding test bench


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CRI-XZ300A Common Rail Injector Test BenchCapable




CRI300A high pressure common rail injector test bench simulates the function of the diesel engine ECU(Engine Control Unit),provides Bossch, Den-sso, Delph-ii, Sie-mens VD0 KAT cumins and so on common rail system control signal and drives high pressure common rail injector to run. The user can compare the data to judge the quality of the injectors and maintain the common rail working condition, thousands of test plan inside the machine.




>>>Technical Parameters:

Test Injectors Bossch,Den-sso,Del-phii and Sie-menss,kAT,cumins
Piezo injector testing YES
Auto temperature control ±2 degree
Pressure control 0~180Mpa
Flow sensor fuel test  YES
Size 128*83*140cm

Language                                Chinese/English/Russian/Spanish/ITailian

CODE                                         BOSSCH DENSSO DELLPHI SIEMANS VD0





 1.Can test BOSsCH, SIEM-ENS, DELP-HIi, DENsSO and Cater-piller CUMINS common rail injectors.


2. Can encode BOSSCH DENSSO DELLPHI SIEMANS VD0 common rail injectors.


 3. Test the injector sealing performance.


4.Test the fuel amount under the condition of pilot injection.


5.Test the injector performance under the condition of full load,


6.Test the fuel amount under the condition of idle operation and


7.Test the injector performance under the condition of mid-speed.


8. Test plan can be searched and saved.


 10. Test plan can be printed once connected with printer.


>>>Product Show:

CRI300A common rail injector bench


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